Over the years, the Trading Company has become a fixture in Crescent Hill as a must stop for those who are wanting to bring some life to their home environment and for those who may not know what statement they would like to make, but love to go looking for it.

Let's Revive A Memory Together
-Mark Gaff

Beautiful, Timeless Designs

There is something wonderful about knowing that you have something that is on its second, third or fourth use and is still beautiful.

Building On The Past

It is a good thing to pay homage to what came before us. A lot of positive energy is given when we link the past to the present.

Doing Our Part To Save The Planet

We need to reverse our course of excessive consumption. Our landfills are filled with many items that could have been reused or repurposed. We must do all we can to change our small part in that trend.

Customize Items In The Store

We seek many items that have great bones or interesting design elements. Despite possibly not being suitable for their original purpose, they may just need to fixed and upgraded. While we are constantly creating new treasures, you can take part in the process.
- Find an item in our store that speaks to you
- Discuss your needs, review your décor, and develop a plan
- Take your plan and transform the item into a fabulous piece

Customize Items You Already Have

You can bring in your treasures and we will work together to develop a plan to transform it into something you will love. Given time, all things can regain their original sparkle and glory.