June 23, 2017

Restoring, re-purposing and reusing items has become utilitarian and part of recent design trends. It makes sense environmentally to repurpose and reuse, but it can be exciting to get a brand-new piece. When deciding whether to repurpose or buy new, there are some easy guidelines to follow:


It has Quality, Timeless Design.
  • Good design stands the test of time, regardless of style.
  • Every style of décor has its classic pieces, exemplifying the artistry of that style.
  • Every style of décor has some versatile pieces that can mix with other styles.

It is Structurally Sound or Repairable.

    • This may depend upon your comfort level with using different techniques, skills with specific tools, time commitment to complete the project, or resources to have someone perform the work.
    • See examples of finished pieces painted furniture, picture frames, and refreshed vintage items.
    • Start small to test out your technique and skills.
    • Occasional chair cushions are a great way to explore your creativity and update an older chair.

You Can Repurpose Something Interesting.
  • The first piece I ever repurposed was the base of an old wood burning stone that had intricate detailing. I painted it black and added a glass top. It was a fabulous coffee table…highly sought after by those that saw it.
  • Another piece that turned out beautifully was from taking pedals from an old pipe organ, turning them upright and making an interesting and gorgeous side table. Now I am using it in my kitchen.

    • Let your imagination guide you to repurposing different items into charming pieces.



The “ick” Factor.
  • Pillows: dog, cats sit on it, people sleep on it (drool, animal ick, and who knows what else…this is a g-rated blog)
  • This applies to pillows, bedding, throws, and other soft material items.

When it is Art.

  • Show your appreciation to the artist and the creativity by purchasing new.
  • Art should appeal to your senses, whether it evokes strong emotions or is simply pleasing to your eyes.

    Buy What You LOVE.
    • One of the best things I have learned over the years is “buy what you love.” If you don’t love it, DON’T buy it. Passing up something you love can mean missing out if you go to purchase later to find that it’s been sold.
    • It doesn’t have to be a planned, expected piece, but if you just love it, BUY IT.

      Obsolete or Old Technology or Electronics
      • Some old electronics and technology are no longer useful. Examples would include televisions that don’t allow an adapter, or speakers that no longer work.
      • Ideas for repurposing old technology or electronics are always welcome, I am at a loss.

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